I’m Mike – a fifty-something former Royal Navy officer who began working in online publishing with a tech startup called Ezoic, an artificial intelligence machine-learning optimization platform for website owners. This sparked my interest in creating my own websites. A couple of years after leaving the navy, I began to find running difficult so I took up swimming and cycling to stay fit. Naturally, this generated plenty of ideas for content other err, veteran swimmers and cyclists might find interesting. I hope you do too! Drop me a line to share your stories and experiences. mike [at] mike-the-bike.com

For those about to start cycling and wondering about all the lycra – well, I can tell you – it does make you cycle faster. Not because of any technical advantage the material brings, no, it’s because you seriously don’t want people to see you in it, so the quicker you pass by them, the better for all concerned!

Mike the bike at the top of a climb on the Back o' Skiddaw sportive at the Keswick Mountain Festival
Up the Back ‘o’Skiddaw!