Mike the Bike – why did I start this site?

April 4, 2020 Off By Mike I Was

This site is dedicated to all those who came late to cycling, as I did! The open road, fresh air, new places and meeting like-minded people are all part of the joy of cycling. It’s something we can all do, regardless of dodgy knees or backs, often from too much running or impact exercise when younger.

Whether you become a dedicated pedal-pusher, or a more relaxed ‘weekend in the park’ kind of rider, there is something for you on this site. I started cycling in May 2018 – after 30 years in the military, running was no longer an option, and my weight was creeping up. My friend, Marc, introduced me to cycling and helped get me set up with my first ‘real’ bike – a Cannondale CAADX cyclocross, which was good for road riding and some light gravel work. It started my journey and love affair with all things cycling! Thanks, Marc!

Marc hacking the “Back o’ Skiddaw’ sportive at the Keswick Mountain Festival. I stopped to let him catch up while I took this photo haha!!

It’s great fun, and gets you amazingly fit really quickly – word of warning – it can become addictive! But there are way worse things to become dependent on!

This site will be a largely irreverent look at the world of cycling from the eyes of a deeply respectful proponent. If you’re offended, please don’t be – the ability to laugh at oneself is a treasured and valued characteristic of that magnificent beast, the MAMIL Enjoy!

Happy cycling – ride safe – be considerate – obey traffic rules!