Author: Mike I Was

I am a fifty-something former Royal Navy officer who began working in online publishing with a tech startup called Ezoic, an artificial intelligence platform for website owners. This sparked my interest in creating my own websites. A couple of years after leaving the navy, I began to find running difficult so I took up swimming and cycling to stay fit. Naturally, this generated plenty of ideas for content other err, veteran swimmers and cyclists might find interesting. I hope you do too! Drop me a line to share your stories and experiences. For those about to start cycling and wondering about all the lycra - well, I can tell you - it does make you cycle faster. Not because of any technical advantage the material brings, no, it's because you seriously don't want people to see you in it!

Should I ride through the Winter?

But baby it’s cold outside….. The nights are drawing in, the winds getting a bit colder and more blustery and motivation starts to wane. I know, I get it – I feel the same. I’m not a massive fan of riding in the cold and dark either… However, riding in the Autumn and Winter, even…

By Mike I Was October 12, 2020 Off

What’s in your Saddle Pack?

What should I pack in my saddlebag? Saddlebags, seat bags, seat packs, tailpacks – lots of names for the same thing – always looked pretty pointless to me. Most of them are tiny – often less than a litre of capacity – what’s the point of having one? What can you get in them? What…

By Mike I Was May 2, 2020 Off

Cycling and COVID-19

Should I cycle during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak? I’m often asked whether cycling should be permitted as a form of exercise during these unprecedented times. Well, I guess my answer is, it depends. Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and if done while observing social distancing guidelines then you should be ok. However, there…

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