Top Dog-Friendly Touring Campsites in the UK

Top Dog-Friendly Touring Campsites in the UK

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Travelling alongside one’s furry companion introduces a unique charm to exploration and touring, especially when set in the UK’s charming landscapes. With its rich variety of dog-friendly touring campsites, the UK offers an exceptional array of options suitable for both owners and their pets. From the stunning vistas of Devon’s heartland to the tranquil beauty of mid-Wales countryside, irrespective of the locale, these campsites ensure a delightful and memorable experience for those with a penchant for outdoor adventure with their four-legged friends.

Castle Brake Holiday Park, Devon

Nestled amongst the natural beauty of Devon’s Woodbury Common, you’ll find a caravan park that can only be described as a haven for dogs and their owners alike.

This dog-friendly holiday destination offers unrivalled access to miles upon miles of footpaths, which meander through some of the most stunning landscapes that Devon has to offer. These lead to panoramic views that will take your breath away; there’s nothing quite like watching your canine companion joyfully explore the great outdoors, whilst you soak up the serene surroundings.

Facilities and Accommodation

As well as being a delight for dogs, this caravan park provides a plethora of excellent facilities to keep the whole family entertained. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a lengthy summer holiday, or just a day out in the countryside, there’s something to please everyone. You can expect clean, modern shower and toilet facilities, a well-stocked on-site shop for all your essentials, and even a games room for those rainy days.

Taking a walk around the park, you’ll discover a diverse range of accommodation options. From spacious motorhome pitches to cosy holiday homes, and of course, plenty of grassy areas perfect for pitching your tent, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Some even come equipped with special dog-friendly features, such as gated decking areas where your four-legged friend can relax securely outdoors.

Dog-Friendly Environment

Not forgetting the small things, thoughtfully placed dog waste bins can be found throughout the park, ensuring that you can comfortably to keep the site clean and tidy during your stay. So, whether you’re venturing out on a trek across the stunning Devon landscapes, or just enjoying the comforts of the caravan park, this location is perfectly suited to cater to the needs of you and your pooch.

Friendly Staff and Local Insight

The park staff are dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. With their knowledgeable and approachable nature, they are always ready to help you make the most of your stay, offering local insight into the best walking routes and nearby dog-friendly attractions.


So, if you’re searching for the ideal spot for your next dog-friendly holiday, you can’t go wrong with this caravan park in the heart of Devon’s Woodbury Common. With its sensational scenery, superb facilities, and thoughtful dog-friendly touches, it can provide the UK getaway that you – and your dog – have been dreaming of.

A peaceful and scenic view of the dog-friendly caravan park nestled amidst the beauty of Woodbury Common in Devon.

Cofton Holidays, Devon

Cofton is a holiday park in the UK that opens its arms – and gates – to our four-legged friends.

Sprawling over an extensive 80 acres made up of meadows, orchards, and woodland, your hound is spoiled for choice when it comes to places to explore and play within Cofton. This scenic environment is the perfect backdrop for those cherished holiday moments you can share with your dog.

Cofton’s comprehensive dog-friendly policy extends beyond its green, open spaces.

The holiday park also caters to canine comfort by permitting dogs in some of their accommodation. Understanding the diverse needs of dog owners, they have also ensured there are specific dog-friendly options available which include that must-have feature – enclosed gardens. Here, dogs can play in a safe and secure space while their owners relax.

In addition to the natural amenities and accommodating living spaces, Cofton consistently works towards enhancing its status as a dog-friendly holiday park.

Regular updates are made to their policies and facilities to ensure that canine guests have all they need for a memorable stay.

Overall, Cofton stands out as a destination that not only accepts dogs but celebrates them, showcasing all the makings of a dream dog holiday.

In a market rife with ‘dogs allowed’ tags, places like Cofton – that actually prioritize puppies’ pleasure – are a breath of fresh air. So next time you are planning a camping holiday with your pooch, don’t forget to check out Cofton. A stay here is sure to get those tails wagging!

A group of happy dogs running and playing in a scenic holiday park

Pen-y-Llyn Caravan Site, Anglesey

Nestled amidst the phenomenal vistas of Mynydd Eilian, you’ll discover a haven for dog-friendly touring in the form of Pen-y-Llyn Caravan Site.

This family-owned park is renowned for its generous space, ensuring both you and your furry companion have plenty of room to roam.

The verdant surroundings are the perfect stomping grounds for your energetic pooch, who will revel in the chance to breathe in the fresh coastal air.

Welcoming guests and pets alike

Indeed, Pen-y-Llyn takes dog-friendliness to an unparalleled level.

The owners, understanding of your love for your four-legged friends, accommodate dogs of all sizes and breeds.

The expansive site allows your dog to run, play, and enjoy a wonderful holiday, just as much as their human counterparts – all while adhering to their ethos of ensuring respect for other guests and the beautiful environment.

Location: An Anglesey haven

Pen-y-Llyn’s prime location near the coastline makes it perfect for scenic walks with your dog, with the stunning Mynydd Eilian providing a fantastic backdrop.

A short drive or stroll will lead you to the heart of Anglesey, where gorgeous beaches await.

With vast stretches of sand, crashing waves, and plenty of sticks to fetch, your dog will have a ball of a time exploring.

Key amenities and inclusions for a dog-friendly stay

Understanding that travelling with dogs can be challenging, Pen-y-Llyn Caravan Site possesses incomparable amenities.

These include a designated exercise area for pets, ensuring you can keep your canine companion fit and healthy throughout your holiday.

Drinking water points for dogs are strategically located, and waste bins provided for a no-fuss clean-up.

A touring site that respects nature

Finally, the ethos of Pen-y-Llyn Caravan Site is centred on environmental respect and minimising carbon footprints.

This means that while you and your dog get to enjoy the stunning offerings of the site, the beauty of the surrounding environment is preserved for future visitors too.

In all, a visit to Pen-y-Llyn Caravan Site will delight you and your furry companion, resonating long after the holiday season is over.

It isn’t just a dog-friendly location, but a site offering a wonderful balance between awe-inspiring nature and comfortable creature comforts – truly the dream for the intrepid canine explorer and their human companion.

A serene image of Pen-y-Llyn Caravan Site with lush greenery and caravans, providing a perfect getaway for dog-friendly holidays.

Lickhill Manor Caravan Park, Worcestershire

Nestled among the verdant landscapes along the banks of the renowned River Severn

The campsite offers more than just a basic set up for a quick night’s stop.

For those in possession of canine companions, you will be pleased to know that the campsite is decidedly dog-friendly.

Promoting outdoor activities in the beautiful open spaces

The campsite has a dedicated dog walk and exercise area.

This ensures that your faithful furry friend has ample space to release all that stored energy and enjoy the scenic environment.

The campsite distinctly encourages a journey intertwined with nature, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

An additional amenity provided by the campsite is the doggie shower.

This is a thoughtful inclusion meant to assist with the unfortunate but somewhat inevitable dirty fur following those adventurous explorations along the riverbanks and meadows.

The campsite’s management understands too well the challenge of maintaining cleanliness whilst camping.

Positioned adjacent to a local park

The campsite provides an extra serving of outdoor delight where dogs are allowed, offering a plethora of space for your pet to run, play, and interact with others.

The campsite’s location by the river also offers opportunities for various water activities.

Whether it’s a relaxing swim to cool off in the summers or a raucous splash-around with your four-legged friend, there’s no end to the amusement that awaits.

A sanctuary for dogs and humans alike that’s teeming with charm, comfort, and tons of fun-filled activities.

From the scenic river views to peaceful walks in nearby parks, this campsite undoubtedly ranks among the most dog-friendly spots for camping in the UK.

A campsite with dogs playing in a grassy area by the river

Stanmore Hall Touring Park, Shropshire

Set amidst the backdrop of Grade Two listed buildings and picturesque landscaped grounds, Stanmore Hall Touring Park provides a haven for dog-loving campers.

The charm of this historical site merges with the call of nature for an outdoor experience that is both relaxing and invigorating.

Notably, this campsite maintains an inclusive approach towards pets.

Among the free, open spaces and the inviting, tranquil ambiance of the park, every member of the family including the furry ones are welcome.

With the entire grounds being pet-friendly, dogs can roam about and explore the surroundings, adding to the fun of the camping time outdoors.

Walking your dog would never be a chore, but instead a pleasure when you’re at Stanmore Hall.

Its diverse terrain allows for scenic walks along its large lake.

The well-manicured gardens set with large trees and greenery also provide cool, shaded spots for pets and their owners to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

While dog waste bins are provided around the park, campers are encouraged to respect the overwhelming beauty of the site by keeping it clean.

One feature that makes this site stand out as a favourite amongst dog owners is the provision of its own dog wash station.

As camping adventures can turn a bit muddy, this practical and thoughtful amenity ensures that pets can be cleaned and groomed without much hassle or worry.

This attention to the needs of pet-owners indeed enhances the overall camping experience.

Stanmore Hall Touring Park, therefore, offers not only a multitude of historical attractions and beautiful landscapes.

Its commitment towards providing stellar facilities for dog owners makes it a natural choice for campers and their canine companions.

A beautiful image of Stanmore Hall Touring Park with picturesque landscapes and Grade Two listed buildings.

Waverley Park, Isle of Wight

Waverley Park

Waverley Park has long been recognised as an ideal spot in the UK for outdoor adventurers, especially those with four-legged companions. Rated highly among users for its dog-friendly ethos, this park is a dream come true for both dogs and their owners. It boasts swathes of open fields for ample space to let your dogs run and play unbound. Furthermore, there are treasured walks surrounding the area, so grabbing the leash and setting off on an adventure is both easy and inviting.

Scenic Beauty

The surrounding scenic beauty is another highlight of Waverley Park. You can traverse a variety of charmingly picturesque terrains with your pawed pal, making the walks both invigorating and calming. It’s a chance for you and your dog to exercise, explore, and relish the best nature has to offer.

Convenient Location

Despite being enveloped by the countryside, Waverley Park is far from isolated. In fact, it’s only a short walk from the town centre. This means you can have a mix of pastoral tranquillity and the vibrant energy of a town in just one visit.

Beach Adventure

And when it comes to a beach adventure, there’s plenty to bark about here! The much-loved beach, a short walk from the park, is dog-friendly 365 days a year. With sand under their paws and water to explore, your dogs can have a rollicking good time. Whether it’s chasing seagulls or playing fetch, a day on the beach can be just as exciting for your dog as it is for you.


In terms of amenities, Waverley Park is replete with all the essentials. Be it drinking water stations or bins for waste disposal, every need is met. Plus, there are plenty of areas to tie up the leash while you pop into a shop or grab a bite. So, while your pet enjoys their outdoor excursion, you can enjoy yours too.

Pet-Friendly Adventure

All in all, Waverley Park matches the paradisiacal picture of a dog-friendly campsite that owners often seek. From its picturesque walks to its proximity to the beach and town, it’s got all the ingredients for a mega pet-friendly adventure!

A scenic view of Waverley Park with dogs happily running and playing in the open fields

Red Kite Touring Park, Powys

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of mid Wales

Red Kite Touring Park emerges as a delight for both dog owners and their furry friends. Not only is the estate enveloped by Mother Nature’s finest green tapestry, but it also prides itself on its dog-friendly space. Unsurprisingly, the venue has meteorically grown in popularity, earning rave reviews and strong recommendations amongst the pet-owning community.

Features for Dogs

Features like a fully fenced-off Dog Walk Area provide ample space for your pooch to frolic around. Plus, given its pitch-allocation policy, you can always have your four-legged buddy by your side – a major perk for those camping with furry companions. This ensures that all family members – including those of the canine variety – get to participate in the joyous camping experience.

On-site Facilities

On-site facilities, too, are top-notch and incredibly user-friendly. They have an easily accessible place for waste disposal, so there’s no need to fret about your pet’s cleanup – making it one further reason why this place truly stands out as a dog-friendly tourer’s absolute treat.

Exciting Trails

Of course, what’s a dog-friendly campsite without some exciting trails to explore? Red Kite Touring Park has it in spades. It is conveniently located near the epitomes of natural beauty – rolling hills, lush forests, serene river streams, all within walking distance.

An Adventurous Outing

Just imagine waking up to the whispering winds, hitching your beloved dog to a leash, and stepping out to relay the narrative written by the sun’s rise and the varied bird calls. Or the heartwarming sight of dogs splashing in the crystal-clear tributaries that mark the landscape.

Experience Red Kite Touring Park

Therefore, if you are planning an adventurous outing with your four-legged adventurer, Red Kite Touring Park should definitely not be missed out on. This place truly ticks all boxes and is a dog-friendly utopia that offers an unforgettable camping experience. So why wait? Pack your camping gear, leash up your canine companion, and embark on a journey that both of you are bound to cherish.

Image of Red Kite Touring Park showcasing the beautiful natural landscape and dog-friendly facilities

Sandfield House Farm Caravan Park, Whitby

If you and your four-legged friend are searching for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle, look no further.

A quaint outpost nestled amid Yorkshire’s rural landscapes is this family-owned park. An unwavering champion of accommodating pet owners, this park has prioritised making their grounds as dog-friendly as possible.

With facilities that cater explicitly to your canine pal, their comfort and safety have been kept in mind right from the entrance. Dogs will be delighted by the freedom and space for them to roam, play, and get that much-needed exercise. Signs are conveniently placed throughout the park, ensuring dog owners feel welcome and aware of the space available for their dogs to fully enjoy.

Location wise, the park is a paradise set in close proximity to the beach and the Yorkshire moors.

Your furry friend will be eager and ready for the array of beautiful walking routes that sprawl across the picturesque moors. You’ll find many scenic trails that veer off in different directions which both you and your dog will relish exploring.

There’s hardly anything that compares to the joy of a wagging tail by the sea.

The nearby beach is a haven for dogs, stretching across clean, golden sands. It provides an entire playground where dogs are free to play fetch, plunge into the refreshing seaside waves, or engage in a game with fellow dogs.

Post-adventure, you might worry about bringing back a muddied pooch to your plush car interiors.

Fear not, as the park offers dog cleaning facilities. After an enriching day on walks and beach frolics, your dog can be freshened up before hopping back into your vehicle or accommodation.

Considering the well-thought-out facilities, favourable location, and the warm, welcoming environment, this family-owned park is an idyllic choice for a dog-friendly, delightful camping experience.

A dog happily playing in a campground surrounded by nature

Whether you’re envisioning peaceful walks along the River Severn, unwinding in the meadows of Devon, or seeking the tranquil beauty of the Yorkshire moors, the UK undoubtedly provides a wealth of options for touring alongside your dogs. Each location augments the journey with its unique charm and a warm welcome for your pets, ensuring a beautiful blend of exploration and comfort for both you and your furry companion. Remember, adventure is always brimming in the UK – all you need is a leash, a love for the great outdoors, and a touring park where your dog is not only accepted but cherished.