What is a Mamil?

Among the higher order mammals, there is a distinct sub-species of homo sapiens. This particular genus is the highly-intelligent, super-fit mamil – or Middle-aged male in lycra.

Environmentally aware, and incredibly confident in their physical prowess, the mamil inhabits largely expensive urban locales. Acutely aware of their effect on anyone who sees them, they tend to keep to small groups, and frequent cafes and coffee shops where the other patrons are used to encountering mamils and can handle the pressure.

It may seem odd that these fitness-orientated males ride long distances to burn calories, only to eat cake and drink full-fat lattes or beer at the end of their exertions. Time will tell whether these magnificent creatures, who have only been recognised as a genus since the early 1980’s (when the affordability of spandex brought lycra to the attention of cyclists), will perpetrate and survive the onslaught of a much more stylish, besuited rival group known as ‘brompton riders’ – challenging times indeed!

Mike’s first time in lycra, first step in his evolution into a MAMIL – as you can see, not an entirely unself-conscious event!