The Top Dog-Friendly Touring Campsites in the UK

The Top Dog-Friendly Touring Campsites in the UK

October 24, 2023 Off By

Whether you’re a seasoned camper always in-the-know about the next hot spot, or a beginner just embarking on your inaugural camping trip, the UK offers a variety of excellent touring campsites that roll out the welcome mat for both humans and their four-legged friends. Offering amenities from extensive dog walking areas to dog-washing facilities, these campsites, namely Woodhill Park in Norfolk and the Forest Glade Holiday Park in Devon, continue to sit high on the list of the more favoured destinations by dog-lovers around the country. With these, your beloved canine does not have to miss out on the fun of camping and can instead be a part of the entire adventure. So, pack up your tent, grab the lead, and gear up for some splendid camping giving your dog a holiday experience like never before.

Woodhill Park, Norfolk

Holidaying with your Hound at Woodhill Park, Norfolk

Woodhill Park, located in the picturesque county of Norfolk, offers the ideal sojourn for camping enthusiasts and their tail-wagging friends.

Notably, this dog-friendly site goes above and beyond to ensure that both its two-legged and four-legged guests enjoy a delightful and memorable stay alike. It showcases a thoughtfully planned designated dog walking area — perfect for your pet’s daily exercise. And after a day of exploration and play? Utilize the convenient dog-washing facility to freshen up your furry companion — particularly handy after exciting sandy beach visits.

What’s more, the environs of Woodhill Park house several dog-friendly beaches. This means your pet pal can happily romp around, surf the waves or simply bask in the sun, making their camping escapade as enjoyable as yours.

At its core, Woodhill Park prides itself on its ability to flawlessly blend family and pet-centric services. The team continually strives to offer amenities that satisfy both parties equally, without a hint of disappointment. Be it the stunning natural surrounding, family-friendly environment or the dedicated provision for pets, Woodhill Park strikes the perfect balance, making it an outstanding and dog-friendly camping choice in the UK.

Illustration of a person with their dog enjoying a camping trip at Woodhill Park, Norfolk

Forest Glade Holiday Park, Devon

Tucked away in the Blackdown Hills in Devon

The Forest Glade Holiday Park is a paradise for dog owners and their furry friends. The Park extends across a generous 300 acres of lush forest that provides a massive playground for dogs to explore. One of the notable features that makes this campsite a hit amongst dog owners is that dogs stay completely for free! There’s no need for owners to worry about restrictive pet tariffs, making it a budget-friendly vacationing spot for those with canine companions.

Plenty of Dog-Friendly Venues

In addition to the ample space for walks and exploration, the area surrounding Forest Glade is filled with a plethora of dog-friendly venues to visit. For those looking to relax and enjoy a local pint, there are several dog-friendly pubs within a short drive, allowing you and your pet to soak in the local atmosphere. Furthermore, if your dog loves the sea, there are dog-friendly beaches nearby where they can freely romp in the sand and surf.

Comfort and Convenience for Your Dog

The Forest Glade Holiday Park ensures to cater for all aspects of your dog’s comfort. After a long day of adventuring, your pet might need a good scrub. Thankfully, the campsite is equipped with doggy shower areas, ensuring you can wash away all the mud and grit before heading back to your tent or caravan.

Safe and Secure Environment

Safety is also a priority at the Forest Glade Holiday Park. The entire campsite is surrounded by a fence, ensuring that your dogs are protected from straying into potential danger. This secure environment provides peace of mind for owners while allowing dogs to roam freely within the campsite’s boundaries.

A Promising Choice for Dog-Loving Campers

So, whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or a lengthier vacation, the Forest Glade Holiday Park presents a promising choice for dog-loving campers, combining a stunning location with practical amenities and inclusive policies for our four-legged friends.

A beautiful view of dogs running and playing in a spacious forest campground surrounded by nature.

Choosing a campsite is about more than just the views or the facilities; it’s about being able to share those precious moments with all of your family members, including your dogs. Woodhill Park in Norfolk and the Forest Glade Holiday Park in Devon, provide this opportunity with grace and aplomb, ensuring that your camping trip becomes an unforgettable adventure for you and your dog. They take into consideration not only the camper’s needs but also make certain that their furry friends are just as accommodated for. Ensuring a safe environment and a variety of fun activities to engage in, this certainly goes to show that being dog-friendly is not just a facility, it’s a way of life at these campsites.